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Manufacturing and Light Industry

Aero Industries
Colleen Boer
Address:80 Ford Drive, Markdale, ON N0C 1H0
Phone #: (519) 986-2188
Fax #: (519) 986-3266
Web site:

Chapman\'s Ice Cream
Address:188 Isla St. Markdale, ON N0C 1H0
Phone #: (800) 265-9110
Fax #: (519) 986-4280
Web site:

Dundalk Plastic-Fab

Did you know that most plastics can be welded? This welding technique is the same as welding metals where a filler rod is added when material is hot. We offer this services as a repair of cracked or broken products, in general costing only a fraction of replacing the part and often times sooner than waiting for parts.

Aaron B.M. Martin
Address:413028 Road 41A, R.R. #3 Dundalk, ON N0C 1B0
Phone #: (519) 372-6331
Toll Free: (519) 923-6752

Ice River Springs Water Co Inc
Carolyn Parker
Location:Grey Rd 2
Address:RR#1 Feversham, ON N0C 1C0
Phone #: (519) 922-3303
Fax #: (519) 922-2093
Web site:

Medike Leather Products
Rhonda Hill
Address:216 Main Street W.
Box 620,
Markdale, ON N0C 1H0
Phone #: (519) 986-2072
Fax #: (519) 986-4281
Web site:

Oxy Teknologies Inc.
Location:Markdale, On
Address:45 Mark Street
Markdale, On
Phone #: (519) 986-3067